A podcast where we talk all things - Mind, Body and Spirit and living your best life. We interview experts and thought leaders who share their wisdom on rediscovering the TRUE YOU within.

Hosted by Jamie Matthews (B.Chiro) and Nicole Whitehead.


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Introducing the TRUE YOU PODCAST 
Jamie Matthews and Nicole Whitehead  - EP001

Episode number 1!

Wow, what a journey this has been, in this episode Jamie Matthews and Nicole Whitehead share their journeys from where they started to now, the launch of the True You Podcast, and the bigger vision of the empire to come!

Joel Brown
Creating a 10 year vision for your success - EP002

Jamie chats to Joel Brown after his Elevate Retreat in Bali, a truly life changing event where Joel shared his powerful vision creation process. Joel is a Mentor, a Coach, a Visionary Expert and the Founder of which has had over 20 million hits! - The Addicted2Success podcast was the podcast that inspired Jamie to create his own back in 2017.

Look out for Joel's book “Never Settle” coming in 2020.

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John Templeton

Breaking through to living your best life - EP003

We speak to John Templeton, Australia's Number 1 Mindset and Performance Coach, founder of Amplify your Growth and Guinness world record holder for the most strict ring muscle ups in 24 hours! John's story is real and raw, and a massive part of the reason he is where he is today. How he turned his life around from drugs and alcohol, through the military, business owner, and now so much more! The ups and downs along the way are huge - the mindset that got him to the top, multiple times!
"If I can overcome that shadow that had haunted me for 12 months, then I can do anything!"

When you're at the top? The meaning of life? What is next? Where is true fulfillment? What can you do to change your life direction?

Mitch Lowe

Integrity in Business is Number 1 - EP004

Talking to Mitch Lowe, the Legend himself aka. the GOAT. Mitch is the founder of 16 Businesses including the Bay Dreams Festival, the largest music festival in NZ. Audiology event promotions, Tenfold record label, Greenroom vodka, and many many more! Mitch is such an inspiration to us, through his dedication to helping people and always stepping outside the status quo. For the first time ever, we have Mitch talking about what really happened in Bali (think Fyre Festival), after being silenced, banned and deported... You really don't want to miss this one! How does he balance his businesses and passions? Check out Mitch's top tips for success in business in this entertaining interview.

Since this podcast, Mitch Lowe and Mitch James have started Bring People Dancing, a charity that is fighting mental illness through music. Their mission is to give people struggling with any form of mental illness something to look forward to, they are hooking them up with tickets to the best events & festivals across NZ! More about this will be in the next podcast with Mitch.

Aaron Darko
Joint Mobility for Life Longevity - EP005

Aaron Darko is a Personal Trainer and Health Transformation Coach for entrepreneurs. An all rounder when it comes to health, his ability to work with not only the physical body but working on the mental and emotional barriers too. He is a wealth of knowledge. Today we talk about joint mobility and life longevity. Aaron has been through the process himself when he suffered from multiple injuries, with the understanding that he didn't want to go down the surgical route, he searched for other options. His morning routine is quick, simple and powerful. Check out Aaron's daily joint mobility routine here

WEBSITE: Health Mastery and Alpha Shredding

Heidi Shannon
Transforming your Business with Mental Health Coaching - EP006

Jamie chats to Heidi Shannon while in Bali after the Elevate Retreat. Heidi is a highly experienced personal coach who has a passion for mental health in business. Helping corporates succeed by discovering their limitations in their mental health. Heidi has helped hundreds of depressed and suicidal people by running transformational retreats and through one and one coaching. She shares her experience and journey to coaching and going through it all herself.

Graeme Holm
Take back control of your financial destiny. How the banks are taking advantage of you! -  EP007

Jamie talks to Graeme Holm, the man single-handedly taking on the banking world! The founder of Infinity Group, Multi award-winning 2019 Best Finance Broker of the year and Australian legend on a mission, to educate and empower people to take charge of their financial situations, to pay off mortgages in record time while having more investment properties to create financial freedom! His knowledge is second to none! Through this podcast you will understand Graeme's passion for his cause, we highly recommend heading along to one of his events, it's truly life-changing!  #FTB

Jeanette Wilson
The power of Energy Healing- Is it Real? -  EP008

Do you believe in Energy Healing? Today we speak with Energy Healer, Medium, Author, and recently music producer Jeanette Wilson, who explains to us what is possible with energy healing and even demonstrates healing during our interview.


WARNING: This episode may challenge your belief of what is possible in this life. You do not want to miss this one!

Andrew Bassett
Take your business to the next level by trusting yourself -  EP009

Andrew Bassett lives with his family in Dubbo, Australia where he owns Fitness Focus, a well established and successful gym. Amazingly, this is the gym Jamie trained at while he lived in Dubbo in 2013. 

With Andy's personal development and coaching, he managed to triple his business in the past 18 months, making it a 7 figure business. Not only did Fitness focus skyrocket, but they managed to win 5 awards at the 2019 Dubbo Rhino Business awards including the Gold Rhino award for the most outstanding business of the year, which is an incredible feat! Andy has recently created his own mentoring and coaching business: Unpack Success. Check out the links below to find out more.

Joke De Swert
Take a leap of faith and step outside of your comfort zone -  EP010

Joke De Swert started her digital marketing agency Unbound Creative Agency in March 2019 and a month later landed Samsung as her client!!

Taking the leap and believing she had it - the inner knowing.

Luck or hard work? Believing in yourself?

Joke talks about how to step out of your comfort zone - feel the fear and do it anyway! This is where the growth lies. Now, its your turn to take the leap of faith!