Holistic Nutritionist - Gabby Stewart

I believe in the power of food as a source of medicine and am fascinated by the intricacies and mechanisms of the human body. Natural health has consumed me from my early years of life, struggling with anxiety, migraines, gut problems and later on hormonal imbalances. Through nutritional and lifestyle adjustments I have seen transformational changes in myself and others and am passionate to share my knowledge and help others come into their own state of health and wellbeing.


In 2019 I graduated with a Diploma in clinical and holistic nutrition from Wellpark College of natural therapies, gaining a deeper understanding of all aspects of nutrition and natural health, clinically, scientifically and holistically.

The act of conscious eating and living can be transformational and choosing healthier food options does not have to be a tasteless, expensive or boring event. The way we choose to cook can alter a simple dish to a mouth-watering plate and bring a new energy into the food.

"We forage, we harvest, we nest, we gather, then sitting at the dinner table, delicately devour it all"