ConTact C.A.R.E - Flinchlock Release

Movement AWAY from pain is the ethic of ConTact C.A.R.E work

ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release - is a Martial Arts based discipline, created in NGATEA New Zealand, by Dale Weston Speedy (6th dan Blackbelt Kiaido-Ryu) and Kym Summers.  It is a practical study in 'The Nature of STILLNESS'. ConTact C.A.R.E recognises that the skeleton defends itself automatically and independently when impacted by surprise.

This results in what we call 'SKELETAL SENSORY SHOCK'.        


Skeletal sensory shock is released through a series of non-intrusive and gentle movements. 


C.A.R.E stands for Common sense Approach to Real Ease.

How do you do that...?

We find the angle, direction and pressure of the original surprise impact that caused the problem and release the pressure.


But how...?

ConTact C.A.R.E is hands on. We work with the client in their most comfortable positions, whether that be standing, sitting, lying or where ever there comfort will lead them. We locate the Flinchlocks (Bones with trapped pressure) by listening closely to their story, observing their gestures and how they move around their injury and most importantly by getting our hands on. The pressure is released with a simple and pain free formula which was discovered by Dale Speedy while he was working on a horse in 2004. The horse used a natural rhythm to release its own Bone pressure. Dale observed this and then decided to figure out how to recreate what the horse had done instinctively. ConTact C.A.R.E was then created and has evolved ever since.

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What can Flinchlock release help?

  • Headaches / Migraine

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Breathing Disorders

  • Sports Injuries

  • Concussion

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

  • Occupational Tension

  • Mental / Emotional Shock

  • Cranial Tension

  • Old Unresolved Injuries

  • Co-Ordination Problems

  • Post-op Rehabilitation

  • In general, any condition involving musculo-skeletal discomfort, tension, stress or pain can be very effectively worked with.

Do you have to keep coming back regularly for maintenance?

Everyone is unique, so healing time and visit frequency will vary. Generally, we aim to sort your problem on average between 2-5 visits. If your problem comes back, there will be another link we will need to find and release for FULL and lasting healing. It is your responsibility to tell us if this happens.


What is the difference between other therapies?

  • We release pressure trapped in Bone, from surprise impact traumas (Skeletal sensory shock).

  • We recognise that the body's self defense system can override the nervous system and reflex system.

  • We move away from pain. We make sure the client feels comfortable and safe.


What should you expect after a treatment?

For 24 - 48 hours after the session you may experience some minor discomfort or aggravation of your symptoms. This is a normal part of the body’s response. It is common for the full benefit of the treatment to be felt after 2 - 3 days.