Our mission is to help our clients reach their greatest health potential, overcome illness and live their most inspiring life through creating ease and alignment in Mind, Body and Spirit. 


What is the “True You”?

Living your life potential. 

Living a life beyond traumas, illnesses, limiting beliefs.

Living a life of purpose.

Making your health a priority and taking responsibility for it. 

Making a difference and contribution to humanity.




We are a team that works together for the greatest results for our clients. Teamwork over competition. Love over being right. Practitioner communication is important.


True You wellness is built upon the foundation and intention of love.


We provide an effective health service for our community, thus connecting with the community is a priority so that we are known and accessible. Building strong relationships and communication in the community locally and internationally. 


High standards. All aspects of True You is put through a lens of high quality. What we provide at True You stands out from the rest. Clients feel valued and feel they receive a lot of value.


The philosophy of the practice is 


Nature has the answers. We help our clients to remove interference to the natural healing processes that every person has.


Healing can be profoundly fast when the real cause is discovered and resolved.


What we stand for

No band aids society. The major consensus is that drugs dont fix problems, they treat symptoms. Rather than treating symptoms and effects it is better to find the real cause and treat that.


What is in the way of healing? Our body has incredible intelligence to heal itself however there are many things that can get in the way of natural healing processes. The 3 biggest causes of Dis-Ease: Traumas, Thoughts and Toxins. When these are removed, transformed and resolved health can be