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Our mission is to support our clients reach their greatest health potential, overcome illness and live their most inspiring life through creating ease and alignment in Mind, Body and Spirit. 

The problem in health today - We live in a "band-aid" society

It makes sense that in order for you to have complete and lasting healing that you resolve the cause of that problem rather than mask the symptoms. This is what is happening on a mass scale in the world today. People are searching for quick fixes to feel better, but most of the time the things that make them feel better don't get to the core of their problem. There has been a major shift in the awareness of health in recent years where people are realising that their current health care has not been addressing the real causes of their health problems and have started looking elsewhere for answers.


The Wellness Solution - Bridging the gap between Mind, Body and Spirit

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) definition of health says: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." We believe that spiritual well-being is just as important as physical, mental and social well-being. For complete healing, all areas of health must be acknowledged and accounted for. Thoughts can manifest physical illness and vice versa, Physical ailments can change our thoughts!

Nature has the answer - The answers are within

Our body has an incredible and intelligent healing power! It was this intelligence that coordinated the development of your body from what started as 2 cells! Every one of us has this innate intelligence within us. If there is dis-ease - There will likely be an interference to the natural healing pathway. Once we remove the interference we can move out of the way for the natural healing process. The 3 biggest causes of dis-ease are: Traumas, Thought and Toxins.


Our Vision is that our integrated wellness centre is the most transformational healing centre in the world. By that we mean that we are the most complete and effective at helping our clients create ease and alignment in Mind, Body and Spirit.







Meet The Team

Dr Jamie Matthews Flinchlock Release

Jamie Matthews (B.Chiro)

ConTact C.A.R.E Practitioner



Nicole Whitehead Contact Care

Nicole Whitehead

ConTact C.A.R.E Practitioner

Foundation Instructor




Energy Healer

(In person
or distance)


Jeannine de Vere Hunt (NZRK)


G.A.P.S Practitioner

Total Body Modification

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Trevor Kennedy